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iMovie Trailer Templates

Get inspired:
Open Destiny and look for the resource list "Books with Trailers"

Book Trailers
More Book Trailers
Even More Book Trailers
Some BW Book Trailers (find others in Destiny)

Find images to use at:
Creative Commons (check each photo for how to credit)
morgueFile.com (credit the website)
Copyrightfreephotos.com (credit the website)
Freedigitalphotos.com (credit the website)
Imageafter.com (credit the website)
Bigfoto.com(credit the website & provide link if using on the web)
Pics4learning.com(credit the website)
BurningWell.org (credit the website)
Public Domain Images(credit the website)
Pixabay (credit the website)
Photos for Class (credit the website)

4FreePhotos.com(credit the website)
Library of Congress Photo Collection (You need to check each picture for permissions. Credit the website if photo may be used.)
GRIN (GReat Images by NASA) (Most photos are not copyrighted, but CHECK to be sure. Credit the website if the photo may be used.)

Still having trouble finding a picture?
Try Picfinders (Check each picture for how to credit and if you can use it!)

Find music and sound clips:

Animal Sounds (credit the US Fish and Wildlife Service)
FreeSound.org (sound clips) (username = bkwdmc password = student)

Information about copyright and also more free RESOURCES to use:

Some options for making your book trailer

Animoto(iPad App and Internet Access)
(See Mrs. Wagner if you would like to have one of her student accounts for Animoto)
bkwdmc+YourFirstName&LastInitial @gmail.com
password = 123456
enter this promo code = a4emedia0ybA6mF

Glogster (See Mrs. Wagner if you would like to have one of her student accounts for Glogster)
Your educator code: 1F3DD

iMovie (iPad App)
Apps to use with iMovie - Super Power FX, Patext, Action Movie FX, Hollywood Style Movie FX, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, Color Effects, Extra for iMovies

Kizoa Movie Maker

Movie Maker (Windows)
Power Point and Extras for iMovies(especially useful for making slides to upload to Animoto, PhotoStory, and iMovie - save as .jpg)

Powtoons (username = bkwdmc@gmail.com password = student