Scavenger Hunt/Christmas Around the World
1. What kinds of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India?

2. Christmas trees are not commonly used in Greece. What is the main symbol of the season in most Greek homes?

3. In the Netherlands, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas's horse?

4. The Christmas season starts in **Estonia** with the lighting of the _ _ _ _ _ _.

5. In rural areas of **Jamaica**, holiday celebrations include a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , a form of parade and festivities brought from Africa.

6. On what date does Christmas begin in **Sweden**?

7. What is one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in Japan?

8. How do Venezuelans in the capital city of **Caracas** get to church services on Christmas Eve?

9. What do Romanian children often do on Christmas night?

10. What is the name of the special porridge eaten at Christmas Eve dinner in many homes in Russia?